• How can one sent comments and suggestions?
    Comments and suggestions should be sent to [email protected]

  • Who created this website and what are his qualifications?
    The creator of this website is Morris Jack DeLeon. After 35 years at Florida Atlantic University, a state university in Boca Raton, he retired in May, 2003. He has three degrees (all in mathematics): BA UCLA (1963), MS University of Illinois (1964), and Ph.DThe Pennsylvania State University(1968) For about twenty-five years, he was the primary mathematics undergraduate advisor at Florida Atlantic University and he did win an award for undergraduate advising. His son, Ken, is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley School of Law (Boalt Hall) and created the impressive website Morris Jack DeLeon is also working on the website This website is designed to help college students choose a major and a career. A third website will contain lecture notes for a course in business calculus and for a course in introductory number theory.

  • Why did he create this website?
    Morris Jack DeLeon wanted to create a website that, in one place, provided most of the readily available information a student considering becoming a lawyer would need. He also wanted a noncommerical website; in particular, one that would generate no income. Later he became fascinated by law school rankings and came up with a few rankings of his own.

  • With no advertisements and, in fact, no income, do we have a totally unbiased site?
    Well to be honest, M. J. DeLeon has a great weakness for UCLA and Florida Atlantic University (FAU) and a weakness for The Pennsylvania State University and the University of Washington. What this means is that if an example is needed and many universities can be used as an example, M. J. DeLeon very likely will favor one of the above mentioned universities. Also M. J. DeLeon may also show some bias in favor of his son's website and to his other website No matter what, these biases will not affect the quality or usefulness of this site.



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